Southgate Business Park

Leominster, MA - Commercial, Office, High Tech, and Manufacturing Land/Space. Purchase, Lease, Build to suit.

Space Availability

Retail: The developer envisions a small retail development located at the intersection of Central Street (Route 2) and Research Drive that will serve as an amenity for the park. Food service, banking and other conveniences will be targeted in order to providce a complimentay use within the park.

Office/Medical/Life Science: As one enters the park, there are numerous sites along the northerly most side of Research Drive that would be well suited for smaller office, medical or life science development. The various sites would have exceptional access and visibility, offering either pad ready sites or build to suit opportunities for those tenants interested in a long-term lease. These sites would provide for multi-story construction with ample parking for employees and visitors. The current plan that was approved by the City of Leominster provides more than twenty professional buildings that can accommodate users from 5,000 to 40,000 square feet, although the sub-division plan can be modified to suit the needs of most any tenant/buyer in the market.

Industrial: There are numerous industrial opportunities that range in size from 10,000 to 300,000 square feet in the rear of the park. The park can provide a professional, higher end industrial building to meet the ever changing needs of the market.

Chapter 43D

The City of Leominster passed Chapter 43D in April of 2007, which allows the City to designate areas as Priority Development Sites (PDS). Several parcels or projects may be included within a single priority development site, such as Southgate Business Park. A PDS is privately or publically owned property that must meet zoning, new construction minimums and pass the state Interagency Permitting Board. 

Expedited permitting will guarantee that a decision on a permit application is granted within 90 days of the application being deemed complete. It is the sole responsibility of the owner/developer to ensure that all project stages meet local, state, and federal requirements. Expedited permitting will also ensure that development is constructed in a manner that is:

  • - Consistent with low impact development techniques.

  • - Accounts for minimizing traffic impacts through appropriate mitigation.

  • Maintains environmental quality  

  • Improves community economics

  • Compatible with community character

The City of Leominster has implemented MUNIS, an advanced-level automated permit tracking system. Automated permit tracking systems have the ability to track the status of permits and the review of applications/plans. Leomister has implemented the system to track all permits moving through the permitting process, as well as permits that have yet received decisions. The system will also allow applicants to view information regarding their property the internet. This information includes map & parcel plans, site address, availability of water/sewer/utilities to site, and multiple contacts for any questions needed. The program is new to many geographic areas, and will aid developers and business owners in the permitting process. 
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